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The name Minerva’s Baja Tackle suggests that you’ve found the right place to load-up on fishing tackle designed to conquer Baja gamefish. You have, but Minerva’s is much more than just a tackle shop… here you can find the right gear, the right boat and the right advice to make the most of your time on the water in Cabo.. Anglers know the role that quality gear and a wide variety of lures and terminal tackle plays in hooking and landing fish. When the fish you're after run into the hundreds of pounds, perform acrobatics like circus veterans and have the strength of a freight train, you'd better be set up and set up right. Good news, whatever you need to handle Cabo game fish, you'll find it at Minerva's Baja Tackle. Minerva Saenz Valenzuela and her husband Bob Smith started out in Cabo in the 1970's opening their tackle and charter business in 1976. Nearly 40 years later, they're still the heart and soul of Los Cabos fishing with a passion for conserving this amazing fishery. We like to think of them as the mother and father of Cabo San Lucas fishing.


Started way back when the tiny port village of Cabo San Lucas was but a flyspeck on a Baja map, Minerva's Baja Tackle is the product of a love of fishing and the courage to start a business that the owners knew little about running. Bob Smith, former transmission repair shop owner and recreational fisherman, first thought about the idea of opening a fishing tackle shop after having experienced the thrill of fishing the pristine waters off Cabo himself on a trip with friends. So with the love of the sport and the area in his heart, he asked his wife, Minerva, how she'd feel about making a major change in their lives. He showed her where it was he would like to be, and with her strong sense of adventure she decided to follow Bob in pursuit of his dream. Let's see, trade a toolbox and customers you only see when they have a problem for a tackle box and customers that only see you when they're happily arranging for a day on the water. Hmmm... not exactly that hard of a choice, is it?

When they first arrived in Cabo and set up for business, there were a total of 12 boats, a few small hotels, dirt roads and no marina. As a matter of fact, when they acquired their first boat, the local game warden rented it from them to do his patrols. Soon, the word was out that if you were searching for a place where game fish congregated in huge numbers just a mile or so offshore, Cabo was the place to be. The rest, as they say, is history.

Minerva Saenz Valenzuela with Rob Kramer and Dr. Guy Harvey
Minerva does a whole lot more than just sell tackle and charter boats. In fact, she's a leader in the conservation of sport fish in Mexico and was recognized by the IGFA with its coveted Conservation Award in 2008.

Minerva's Baja Tackle has grown into one of the most successful local fishing businesses. The shop now boasts the largest selection of tackle in all of Baja, and if you venture into the store you'd have to agree. It's like a candy store for sport fisherman. Everywhere you look you're met with a rainbow of colors in the form of trolling feathers, hard-bodied lures like marauders, rods, reels, terminal tackle and boat supplies like flying gaffs and nets. The only problem you'll have is running out of cash or room on your credit cards. The selection makes it tough to stop adding more items to your basket!

Bob Smith of Minerva's Baja Tackle in Cabo San Lucas
Bob Smith, with his right-hand man and fellow dirt drag racer Luis, can usually be found in the shop except when they're not out playing speed racer in the desert outside Cabo.

Bob and Minerva stock only the best gear as they know that the species targeted in these waters will test the equipment to the limit. Penn reels, Calstar rods, Aftco roller guides, Zuker and Black Bart trolling lures - all par for the course here. In addition to the quality of the merchandise, prices are more than fair. Add nearly 40 years of experience fishing these waters and the advice they give out is worth its weight in gold – though Bob and Minerva dispense it free of charge. From first-time Cabo anglers to stoic veterans, those who wander in looking for a bit of local information walk away feeling a bit like of an expert themselves.

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