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So, now that you've decided to take a trip to Los Cabos, how are you going to get around? Well, if we could make one recommendation it would be to rent a car at the airport. Booking that car in advance will save you money and we also suggest that you consider purchasing full coverage insurance. Why? Laws are different in Mexico and if you have an accident, you will be held until all damages you caused are paid for. Sometimes determining who's at fault can become problematic and you may very well end up in a jail cell if you cannot cover the cost of repairs. With full coverage insurance all you need to do is show your coverage to the local police and contact your rental car company. They'll make arrangements to bring you a replacement and assist you in the reporting process so that everything is legal and you can continue your trip. It's not required by law to have full coverage, only liability coverage, and that's how most folks rent thinking that their credit card will cover them or that they simply won't have an accident. Better to be protected than not, and if you think your credit card company will cover you in full, you better call them and confirm before trouble comes your way.

There are plenty of other ways to get around without a rental car. First, there's the trip from the airport to where you'll be staying. Some travel packages include airport transfer options so you may want to take advantage of arranging that in advance. However, if you arrive at the airport with nothing arranged ahead of time, here are your options. Take a taxi, shuttle van or walk about a mile from the airport to the nearest bus stop, the latter is not a wise choice. Taxis will run you about $75 USD from the airport to Cabo San Lucas and not much less for anywhere in between. Shuttle vans run around $25 a person but you'll be riding along with several other folks stopping at resorts or hotels along the way to drop them off. If you're at the end of the line, those stops will add quite a bit of time to the trip.

When you factor in the cost and potential aggravations of taxis or shuttles, you might see why we believe renting a car is the best option. We use Cactus Rent a Car as they provide clean, newer model cars at modest rates and have great employees that get you in and out of the rental office and on your way quickly. Expect that a compact car will run $40-$50 a day with full coverage in the off season, higher in the peak season. If you want to shop around for rates, we've provided links to sites that can help you find the lowest rates. Just click on the banner ads or links to start your search.

Best car rental company at the Los Cabos Airport
Antonio Miranda and the folks at Cactus offer the best rates on a consistent basis and the quality of the cars is always good. We can't say enough great things about them and think you'll find them to be the best choice for your rental car needs. Plus you don't need a credit card to rent from Cactus for those that don't have one.

US Toll Free: 1-866-225-9220
Within Los Cabos: (624) 146-1839
Payless has locations throughout Los Cabos including at the SJD International Airport. Check their last minute rates for some pretty terrific deals.

We've never used them but they get decent reviews on TripAdvisor and seem to have reasonable rates.
A two man operation run by Dominic and his partner Jerry will meet you at the airport or your hotel and handle it all right there. You get a full tank of gas plus full insurance coverage for about $50-60 a day and can return the car with an empty tank. Usually older cars, though he does have some newer models. Rates tend to be a bit higher than other companies but they do make it convenient with no need to refill the tank on the way to the airport. And returns are easy. You just park the car at the airport and leave the keys. We've yet to rent from Dominic but TripAdvisor reports put Dominic at the top of the list along with our favorite agent, Antonio Miranda at CactusRent a Car.