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Fishing in Los Cabos is about as close as you can get to guaranteed catching. While the fishing here is incredible, it helps to know what's biting when and where. That's why we put so much time into this section of our site. We put together a comprehensive fishing report that's compiled from the input of the charter operators we're in constant contact with. They give us great info and we thank them for it all the time. The folks at Minerva's Baja Tackle, Pochos Charters, Dreamweaver Sportfishing and a bunch of our private boater friends pass along their reports and we put it all together here.

We also drew up a map of the most productive fishing spots off the coast of Cabo San Lucas – on both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez sides of the Cape. When your charter Captain says he's headed to the Gordo Banks... you'll know where he's going and about how long it's going to take to get there. But we didn't stop there. We've marked the top 9 fishing spots in Los Cabos including; the famous San Jaime and Golden Gate banks, the Cabrillo Seamount, the 1150 – and closer to port, Santa Maria and San Lucas Canyons.

One more piece of information will help you plan time on the water... and that's our Seasonal Fishing Chart. It gives you a month by month, species by species calendar with the best times of the year to target certain game fish. It's pretty darned accurate as we've tuned it in over the course of decades of fishing in Los Cabos. Even then, don't be surprised if you find yourself hooked up to a bruiser swordfish in the Summer or a yellowfin tuna in the early Spring. That's just how Los Cabos is… full of fish and surprises! You'll find our Seasonal Fishing Chart for Los Cabos a bit further down this page.

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Winter is rolling along and we've had our fair share of storms dropping rain and bringing wind, but, as usual, those conditions only last a couple of days at most before we get our famously clear blue skies and comfortable temps from 75-85 degress.

While we did get some winter storm activity, none of it was strong enough to influence water temps with 72 degree water about the coolest you'd find. Pockets of warmer water into the upper 70's and temp breaks at current lines made conditions really good for locating fish... and the fish of the season has been striped marlin! To keep things interesting, a few sailfish have been caught as well.

Dorado are also biting, not huge fish but decent. Most are being caught inshore but the occasional school runs across trolled lures 10-20 miles out and those fish are bigger, some passing 30lbs. Wahoo are in the mix, too. 50lb models have come to the docks in both Cabo and San Jose del Cabo.

Yellowfin tuna really aren't being targeted since the runs to get to them have been long and the fish small. However, when the water is as warm as it's been, anything can happen. Boats running 30 miles out and finding porpoise schools are getting shots at some 60-100 lb fish but it's equally possible that you'll end up burning a lot of fuel and time without finding the tuna at all.

Get out early and hit structure spots for bottom dwellers like cabrilla, red snapper, pargo and yellowtail and you'll be a happy camper. Great eating and great fighting but you really need to be on the spot at gray light.

Last, roosterfish and sierra. The toothy suckers called sierra are making for great surfline fishing from boat or shore. It's early in the year yet and the bite will only improve peaking March. The roosters aren't supposed to be here yet, but they are. Pangas make for great platforms to fish both sierra and roosters – Pacific side surfishing trips are paying dividends as well. Until you've caught a roosterfish from shore, you haven't really fought one!

That's it for now. Tight lines and screaming reels.

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