Best Beaches in Los Cabos, Mexico - Where to Swim, Snorkel or Just Relax on the Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Divorce beach in Cabo San Lucas, one of Cabo's best beaches
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Deciding which beach is the best beach in Los Cabos isn't an easy task. We've tried and always come to the same conclusion… there's simply too many great beaches to choose just one as Cabo's best beach. Some are more picturesque than others, some offer safe swimming and exceptional snorkeling while others have great surf breaks or tidal pools that make beachcombing a terrific way to spend a day. If you haven't considered renting a car while in Los Cabos, this section of our site will give you a ton of reasons why you should. There really isn't any other way to see all the beaches without breaking the bank on taxi's or shlepping around in local buses. You can book a Cabo beach hopping tour that will take you to a few of the most popular beaches, but you won't be able to see all of the top beaches we've listed below.

Before you decide to jump in for a swim, please remember that many of the beaches in Los Cabos have powerful undertows and often treacherous waves. Every year folks make the mistake of underestimating the strength of the currents with fatalities from drowning occurring more often than we'd care to say. The bottom line is to heed the warning signs that say "Stay Out, Stay Alive" and never swim alone, even in what appears to be calm water. With that said, here's our list of the best beaches in Cabo and where you can find them.

Aerial photo of Solmar, Divorce and Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas
Left to Right: Solmar Beach followed by Divorce Beach with the gap at the far right being Lover's Beach.

Located on the Pacific side of Land's End next to Finisterra Hotel, Playa Solmar offers excellent views and is somewhat private as the access is through the Solmar Suites Hotel and beach vendors are not allowed access. Swimming is not an option here. Strong currents and large waves are known to pull in beach goers that venture too close to the powerful shore-break. Stay alive, stay out of the water and out of the way of breaking waves.

Lover's Beach or Playa del Amor is located on the Sea of Cortez side of Land's End in Cabo San Lucas. Access to this beach is by water taxi from the marina or Medano Beach. Average cost for a round trip is $20 and the taxis will arrange a pre-determined pickup time. Pack a lunch, bring snorkeling gear and a towel and your ready for a great day of sunning, swimming and sightseeing. Beach vendors offer water, soft drinks and beer. This beach is world famous and has been the subject of many photo layouts so bring a camera (underwater cameras are a good idea if you plan on snorkeling) to capture your own images. Divorce Beach is found through the gap in the rocks that leads to the Pacific side of Land's End and is named for it's harsh undertow and dangerous shore break. Swimming is only recommended at Lover's where a short swim will take you to some great snorkeling.

Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas
Medaño Beach is where you want to be for all the action. Here you'll find water sports activities plus restaurants, bars and hotels. Another fixture on this beach is a constant parade of vendors selling all kinds of souvenirs.

Medaño Beachis the safest swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas and is right in the middle of the action. Here you will find room to stretch out, calm water with designated swimming areas and a bounty of bars and restaurants right on the beach. This is one of the most popular areas to spend the day in all of Cabo and a terrific place to people watch. Water sports and other activities can be found here. Water taxis wait just off shore for quick and easy access to the Marina area. Side streets lead to shopping, dining and drinking establishments in town, all just a short walk away.

Santa Maria beach in Cabo San Lucas
Santa Maria beach is a favorite amongst snorkelers with several reefs that are home to dozens of tropical fish species.

Located at KM 11.5 off the main highway, this horseshoe shaped beach is just plain beautiful. Part of a marine sanctuary, this beach offers outstanding opportunities for swimming and snorkeling and getting up close to myriad tropical fish. For a special treat, bring some bread or tortillas and hand feed the fish! As this is a marine sanctuary, the taking of fish is not allowed. There are a few vendors that travel this beach but it is best to bring what you need with you. One of the great features of this beach is the pinkish colored sand that is about the size of a kernel of rice and not irritating like fine sand. Bring cameras, this place is a photographers dream. Take only photographs, leave only footprints!

Chilleno Bay - One of Cabo's best beaches for swimming and snorkeling
Chilleno Beach is another top spot for swimming and snorkeling. A major residential development is taking place here but the beach remains open to the public as Mexican Federal law prohibits blocking beach access.

Great for families, snorkelers and divers, look for the dive flag at the edge of the highway at KM 14, which marks the parking entrance. Kayaks, snorkeling gear and more are available here from Cabo Acuadeportes although motorized watercraft are not allowed in this marine sanctuary. Several reefs run parallel to the beach and are home to over 80 species of marine life. Sea turtle sightings are common here. Public restrooms and showers are available as well as palm shaded areas to give visitors a comfortable place to relax out of the sun. Weekends can get crowded but a short walk around the cove brings you to more seclusion. If you can, choose to visit on a weekday in the morning hours for less crowds and the best swimming and snorkeling conditions.

Tequila Cove is an excellent swimming beach in the Los Cabos Corridor
A man made cove at Hilton Los Cabos resort makes for a safe swimming beach in the Los Cabos corridor.

Playa Bledito, also known as Tequila Cove, fronts the Meliá Cabo Real and Hilton hotels. A man-made breakwater makes for very safe swimming and water sports. Jet Ski and equipment rentals are between the Meliá and the palapa-dotted beach. Easiest access is through the Meliá Cabo Real at KM 19.5.

Estuary beach in San Jose del Cabo
The beach at the San Jose Estuary isn't a safe swimming beach but it is a great place to check out some local birdlife. Cranes, Egrets, Ibis and Osprey are among those you'll likely encounter.

You'll find this beach at the north end of Hotel Row in San Jose del Cabo. It fronts the San Jose Estuary and offers up great bird watching, especially if you hike around the area. Swimming really isn't an option here as the waves and undertow can be fierce, but a protected beach can be found just a short walk away inside the jetties that protect the Puerto Los Cabos marina.

Beach along the coast in San Jose del Cabo's Hotel Row
One look at the surf and you can see why swimming is not an option at the beaches along Hotel Row in San Jose del Cabo.

A long, open beach with great scenery but not recommended for swimming. Surf fishing is a popular pastime as are beach walks (especially at night), horseback riding and beach volleyball. Just east is the San Jose Estuary with rainforest like growth and a wide variety of birds. Located on Hotel row in San Jose del Cabo you can access this beach through any of the hotels located here or through several open spaces along the coast.

Punta Palmilla beach is set on a long wide bay perfect for swimming with good snorkeling near the fishing fleet. There are no facilities other than shade palapas to the right and left of the fleet, this beach is great for families. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty and view the catches of returning fishing boats in the afternoon. Located at the Palmilla exit at KM 27 off the main highway, follow the signs to the main beach.

This is the home of world famous Zippers and La Roca surf breaks. Swimming is risky and only recommended for surfers. Many surfing competitions take place here every year. Nearby Costa Azul Surf Shop has surfboard rentals, dining is near at Zipper’s restaurant and there is also a convenience store close by. Located through the arroyo at Costa Azul Bridge, at Km 29 off the main highway, this beach is a great place to surf or to watch others surf.

If surfing is your thing, don’t miss Playa Acapulquito just off the highway before the lookout at Km 27.5. A surf school and restaurant make this small beach popular with the local surf crowd. Acapulquito also offers good swimming during calm seas.

PLAYA BARCO VERADO (Shipwreck Beach)
Located near KM 9 off of the main highway this is a great beach for swimming, snorkeling, relaxing in the sun and even surf fishing. Many tide pools offer the opportunity to explore marine life. Diving is also good here and many dive tour operators include this location in the destinations. Although swimming is generally safe, stay out of the water during times when the sea is rough.

PLAYA LAS VIUDAS (Widow's Beach)
Located at KM 11 off of the main highway, this beach is a favorite of those seeking seclusion. With many coves and unique volcanic rock formations, it’s easy to find a private spot even when there are many people here. Swimming is safe, snorkeling is great and excellent tide pools make this a must visit beach.

A safe swimming beach at KM 8 near the lighthouse. This beach offers good snorkeling and a sandy beach for relaxing in the sun.

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